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How To Remove A Menstrual Cup For Beginners? Step By Step Guide

Feminine menstrual hygiene is a much-sought topic in the present era. It is essential to know everything about any new menstrual health product. Since a very delicate part of the body is concerned, one must be completely sure before making the switch.

A lot of products are now available in the market, to make periods easy for females. These include sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups. For this article, we will take into consideration the usage of menstrual cups. To be specific, the removal procedure will be elucidated upon. 

What Is A Menstrual Cup?

It is a funnel-shaped cup made up of medical-grade silicon. It sits under the cervix inside a female’s vagina to keep the menstrual blood in it.

Remove Menstrual Cup

It is preferred by females who wish to have carefree periods and aim at indulging in activities like exercising, swimming, etc. This is also the key to mess-free periods

How To Remove A Menstrual Cup For Beginners?

The following steps will make it easier for you to remove the menstrual cup, even if it is your first time – 

  • Sit in a squatting position on the floor as this provided a maximum area for reaching down there. To prevent messing up, you can also remove it in the normal sitting position on the toilet seat. 
  • Place your hand from beneath one knee or the other way round, as per your convenience. 
  • Insert your thumb, index finger, and middle finger around the periphery of the menstrual cup. 
  • Aim at reaching the top of the menstrual cup but be soft while you progress. If you have long nails, trim them in advance. This will further ease up the removal process for you. 
  • Pinch on one side, depending on which side you reach. Try to fold the cup from one side so that it becomes easier to remove. 
  • Once the seal is broken by pressing from the side, pull out the cup with small rotations. 
  • Do not try to pull out forcibly as this might hurt your vaginal walls and even lead to accidental wounds
  • Try to maintain the folded position while you reach the opening. 
  • Invert the cup as soon as it is out to empty the contents thoroughly. A bit of splashing here and there is normal. This does not mean that you have removed the cup in the wrong way. 
  • Clean it for the next use or re-insert it at your convenience. 

Safety Measures To Keep In Mind

Make sure the cup does not hurt the vaginal walls. The tip should not be inverted towards the inside while trying to remove the cup. In addition to this, make sure that the cup is completely dry before you store it somewhere.

It should be saved from any possible growth of microbes. For the duration, there is no rule of thumb. It completely depends on your flow and the size of your menstrual cup.

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Once you have mastered the art of inserting and removing the menstrual cup, life will seem to be much easier than before. In addition to this, it is completely normal to have small leakages from time to time. Your body will adjust with time. As far as easy removal for beginners is concerned, always remember that practice will make you perfect.

Though there are various devices present for teaching the folds and other mechanisms, it is advisable to learn for yourself. Hope this article helped you in understanding the intricacies of using a menstrual cup during periods, and the subsequent removal procedure.

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