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Understanding Asexuality: What Does It Mean To Identify As Asexual?

Asexuality, as it sounds, is not the opposite of sexuality. There is a much wider meaning and interpretation in the human context. It also exists in plants, but that is quite simple and involves just the absence of another stigma or both (the reproductive organs in the plant family).

What Is Asexuality?

The sexual orientation of human beings is quite complicated. There is an LGBTQ+ community for the same. The expansion helps one delve deeper into the meaning as far as the whole spectrum is concerned. 

  • Lesbians are females attracted to females.
  • Gays are males attracted to males.
  • Bisexuals are either male or female, attracted to both genders (same and opposite). This can be considered as quite the opposite of asexual.
  • Transgenders are those people who have noncoherent sex and gender. For instance, the person may identify as a female and have the reproductive organs of a male person. The opposite of this kind of system is also possible. Both of these variations are termed transgenders only. There is no such concept of cisgender as of now (opposite variation of transgender).
  • Queers are those who have no particular orientation. They are in the process of identifying their gender. This is similar to that of the questioning state.
Understanding Asexuality

Further, the variations within the spectrum have their spectrums in the respective hemispheres. This makes sexual orientation much more complicated at times.

The Wider Spectrum Of Asexuality

Asexual beings have further been subdivided into various subcategories. This is based on how they experience asexuality. The three most important divisions, or more appropriately, parts of the spectrum, are as follows –

  1. Demi Asexual

These people have a minimum attraction towards the same or the opposite sex, even though they identify as asexuals. At times, they act like sexual beings, and at other times, they act like asexuals. The demarcation is a bit difficult for the observer and they might get confused.

  1. Gray Asexual

In this particular part of the spectrum, the person lies amid sexuality and asexuality. It is not completely similar to demisexuality. The main reason for the same is that both types of expressions happen at the same time here. This is quite the opposite of demisexuality. 

  1. Asexual

The generic term is also a part of the complete spectrum. This is because completely asexual beings fall in this category. For instance, people who have no attraction towards any other gender fall under the category of asexual. Though the primary definition includes little or no attraction, the little part is covered by the preceding two definitions. Asexual beings are quite clear about their orientation. 

All these categories may or may not be interdependent. The person experiencing asexuality is the best judge in this case. No other observer or doctor or any other person for that matter, should make any judgment regarding either end of the spectrum. 

Straight Versus Asexual: Societal Interpretation

Since society has always been divided into males and females for the majority part of the human population, asexual orientation is not seen in a very positive light. 

Society has traditionally prioritized heterosexuality and LGBTQ+ identities over asexuality. Asexual people who don’t want sexual relationships struggle with modern standards. Ignorance, stigmatization, and pressure to fit in can occur. However, there is a growing effort to educate, accept, and comprehend asexuality and challenge common beliefs.

In a culture that firmly ties love and sexual intimacy, asexual people may struggle to fit in. Lack of sexual desire might hinder romantic relationships. Asexuality is becoming increasingly accepted due to awareness and advocacy efforts. Raising awareness, dispelling preconceptions, and creating inclusive spaces can help society become more accepting of various sexualities.

Identification Of Asexuality: What Does It Mean To Identify As Asexual?

Identification of asexuality can be done by spending time with other sexes to decipher the quantum of attraction. On the other hand, psychological tests also provide credible results up to a certain extent.

These include questionnaire solving and other similar tests to make out the particular orientation of the person concerned. The pronouns are then assigned accordingly. Legal parameters are also taken into consideration nowadays.

This is much more convenient to ensure every gender gets its fair share in society. To sum up, identifying as asexual simply denotes being neither female nor male by mind, irrespective of the reproductive organs of a particular sex.


Asexuals are yet to get their concerned position in society. A lot of protests and initiatives take place in many parts of the world to bring up the concerned issues. With time, sensitization has increased for all other genders. Still, there is a long way to go in the right direction. 

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