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How To Practice Good Vaginal Hygiene? Tips For Feminine Care

Every woman should follow the same strictness with her vaginal hygiene routine as her skincare routine.

Although most women don’t prefer to talk about it, that does not reduce the need for good vaginal hygiene. 

There are some basic hygiene practices that every woman should follow irrespective of her age. It’s time to gain a better understanding of your vagina!  

Why Is It Important To Practice Good Vaginal Hygiene? 

We don’t talk about the importance of vaginal hygiene as much as we should.

vaginal hygiene

Poor vaginal hygiene can lead to low sex drive and even cause UTIs in some women. The worst impact of poor vaginal hygiene is experienced during sexual activities. 

When you ignore vaginal hygiene, you inadvertently invite a lot of health complications in your body that are not even worth it.

Hence, you must know how to identify the signs of poor vaginal function and take the proper steps to maintain vaginal hygiene. 

How Can You Ensure A Healthy Vagina?

Practicing good vaginal hygiene does not require much effort, just attention to detail on your part is enough.

Ensure A Healthy Vagina

So, let’s get to the elephant in the room now. 

Practice Good Sexual Hygiene 

Your vaginal health post-sex is as important as your pleasure during sex.

Sometimes, the vagina is easily affected due to contact with body fluids and condoms. It becomes irritated and you experience constant itching.

Make it a habit to pee and clean your vagina after sex to remove any bacteria that may be lingering down there.  

When you don’t pee after sex, you allow the bacteria to give rise to an infection. 

Practice Good Menstrual Hygiene 

Another major cause of vaginal infections is poor menstrual hygiene.

When you don’t change your feminine care products for too long, you provide bacteria with the ideal conditions to grow and multiply.

They can also cause rashes on your skin and make you more prone to infections. It is best to change feminine care products after every six hours. 

Also, using scented and chemical-laced products can irritate your vagina and lead to infections.

You should always use breathable, cotton, and absorbable products to make it easy for your vagina. 

Wear Comfortable And Dry Clothes 

You should always put your comfort over anything else for your convenience.

Even when it comes to your vaginal hygiene, you should never wear tight clothes that can tighten your crotch and make an unbreathable situation down there.

Keep the space air so that you don’t sweat much there. Excessive sweating can lead to more moisture in the region and lead to the growth of bacteria. 

You should also keep your underpants dry at all times. Not cleaning your vagina after peeing can make your undergarments wet and put you at a greater risk of vaginal infections.

Wear undergarments made from soft and high-quality fabrics to improve your vaginal health.  

Be Careful While Using Soaps Down There 

Don’t use harsh soaps on your vagina while cleansing. Your vagina is capable of self-cleansing and maintaining its own pH balance without external help.

Using scented soaps filled with chemicals will only irritate the vagina more and interfere with the vaginal microbiome. Just water and wipes are enough for your vaginal hygiene. 

Avoid Vaginal Douching 

Douching involves the use of a device that flushes water into the vagina. Sometimes, soap or vinegar is also used along with water.

This can change the pH balance of the vagina and take away the natural ability of the vagina to defend itself against bacteria. When it comes to vaginal cleansing, less is more.  

Learn When It Is The Best Time To Visit A Doctor 

Never ignore the signs of poor vaginal health as they can give way to more serious problems down there.

If you face irritation, changes in your urine flow, or burning sensations, they are the wake-up call for you to visit a doctor. 

Key Takeaways 

Your vaginal health is as important as any other aspect of your overall well-being.

This is why you should practice good vaginal hygiene and if things go out of hand and the internet and home remedies are no longer of any help, visit a gynecologist.

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Just don’t brush away any signs that might compromise your vaginal health. 

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