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Do Women Have Different Types Of Vaginas? A Quick Guide

Most girls are insecure when it comes to their vaginas. Most of them are clinched by this thought that their vagina is not normal or others’ are better than theirs. Some may not be happy with its color, and some with its shape. Trust me, girls, we’re in this together. 

The cosmetics surgery national bank in 2017 reported that labiaplasties increased by 213% from 2012 to 2017. Labiaplasties are a kind of plastic surgery that alters the labia minora of your vagina. This is an indication that porn and other kinds of unrealistic media have made people believe in things that aren’t even real. The people have become so blind that they want to go through plastic surgery to alter their vaginas in order to just look ‘normal’.  

 It has become necessary to understand that all vaginas are unique and different on their own. Every vagina varies in size, color, and shape. There is no particular size, shape, or color that a vagina would look like. In this article, let us discuss more about the vagina and its variations. 

Exploring Different Parts Of Vagina 

It has 8 different parts which will be different for each individual. These parts of the vagina will appear in different sizes and symmetry. Let us examine those before we get into the details of different types of vaginas. 

Vulva : it is the outer part of your reproductive system that mainly protects other parts of your vagina. 

Mons pubis : it is the round tissue of the vagina that is seen above your pubic bones. It basically helps your sexual life. 

Labia majora : this is the outer part of your vulva usually seen in red, pink, or brownish color. It acts as a protective cover for other parts. 

Labia minora : the inner part of your vulva that protects the opening of the urethra and vagina. 

Clitoris : it is a tiny bundle of flesh that is full of nerves that accelerate your sexual pleasure. It is called the pleasure center of your vagina. The vulva appears on top of the vulva and urethra. 

Clitoral hood : the clitorial hood is the shield that covers and protects the clitoris.  

Urethra : it is the tube through which your urine comes out of your body. It appears as a small hole just below your clitoris.

Vaginal opening: this is another hole that is seen between the urethra and the anus. This is the part of your body through which the menstrual blood comes out. 

Types of Vagina Based On  Shape, Size & Color

You may find vaginas more beautiful and appealing on the internet than yours. But don’t let it fool you because there is no such vagina that is ‘normal’. Every vagina is beautiful. In this segment, I have tried to cover possible differences in the vaginas. Let us have a look at it.

? The symmetrical labia: In this type of vagina, the size and shape of the labia majora and labia minora maybe even and will seem symmetrical. The labia won’t stick out beyond the vulva, which is normal. 

? The asymmetrical labia: The labia minora and labia majora may be uneven and longer. One side or the other side of the labia may stick out of the vulva, which is also normal. 

? Labia sticks out: In this vagina, it can be seen that the labia completely protrudes out of the vulva and can be seen from the outside even when the woman is not sexually aroused.  

? Small or big clitoris: The size of the clitoris may vary from person to person. There may be small or big which doesn’t matter as long as you have good vaginal health.

? Color variance: Each vagina will have different colors such as pink, red, and brown. It also varies as one might have a dark brown color and the other might have a light pink color. Discoloration in the vagina is also not a thing to worry about. It does not have anything to do with being normal. 

Final thoughts 

Altering your vagina, or even having the desire to alter your vagina is not going to do you any good. The vaginal insecurity in women is caused by the unrealistic representation of the vagina by different media. All that you see in the media are not true, it has another side to it that tells the whole story.

You have to understand an important fact which is to love yourself the way you are no matter what. Love your body no matter what size or color you have. You don’t have to be ashamed or feel insecure, you are unique and you are beautiful. 

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