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Top Five Lifestyle Changes To Improve Male Fertility – Sneak Peek!

Infertility is a significant problem for several couples nowadays. Recent research shows that male fertility has been declining for the past few years.

The main reason for such a situation is nothing but lifestyle changes. People are divertising to new lifestyle changes that are often unhealthy. 

Fertility refers to the reproduction of sperm in men without medical assistance. Sometimes due to several reasons, sperm count and quality can decline.

But the good news is that this situation in men can be resolved with the right lifestyle changes.

We can significantly increase sperm count, morphology, and overall male fertility through several methods.  

How To Improve Male Infertility?

The sperm count and motility play a main role in reproduction. Fertility issues can be resolved with lifestyle changes.

Factors To Improve Male Infertility

Here are some tips that help to increase fertility in men. 

? Keep Your Body Fit

Obesity has a great influence on male fertility problems. If the person is overweight that affects the hormone levels and reduces sperm production and concentration.

Studies and clinical tests show that there is a link between obesity and sperm production.

When there is excess fat in the body, it affects the molecular health of sperm and damages sperm DNA which is necessary for the development of a baby.

It is proven that parental obesity can affect the health of the future child.

So, the ideal way to keep your body fit is by exercising and following a proper diet.  Long satiety and digestion time between meals are important for maintaining body weight.

? Maintain A Healthy Diet

As we all know, diet plays an important role in the overall health of a person. People with busy schedules often neglect what and how much they eat.

Nowadays, processed and junk food is increasingly gaining popularity and is unhealthy.

Because of the taste and easy availability of junk food, people stick to such food habits.

But it can affect the health of a person largely. Science says that diets that are high in processed meat, caffeine, red meat, saturated fatty acids, and trans fats are linked to low-quality sperm.

A person should include vitamins, antioxidants, folate, zinc, and B12 in the diet by eating vegetables, fruits, and fiber-rich foods to keep the body fit.

You may also experience certain discomfort after trying the same diet plan for a long time.

This can be avoided by reducing acidic fruits and vegetables in the diet plan.

? Limit Alcohol Consumption 

Several studies state that increases in alcohol consumption can adversely affect sperm quality.

Research shows that men who consume alcohol have less sperm count and fertility when compared to non-alcoholic.

Over intake of alcohol decreases sperm volume, vitality, and survival rate.

So, limiting the intake of alcohol protects sperm morphology and production. 

? Reduce Stress Level

Stress can cause serious health problems in men and women. Overstress can affect every part of the body.

It is one of the main causes of infertility because if a person experiences depression, anxiety, distress, and low-quality life badly influences the overall health condition of a person.

Stress levels can be reduced by practicing relaxation techniques like yoga, exercise, and meditation. 

? Get Enough Sleep

Proper sleep is sufficient for a healthy body and prevents serious medical conditions like obesity, infertility, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Several studies proved that insufficient sleep in men affected sperm morphology, survival, count, and motility.

If you want to increase your fertility, sleep quality is an important factor, and you should get 7-8 hours of sleep every day.  


While concluding, it is clear that there are lots of ways to increase sperm count and motility in men.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important factor to improve the fertility of men.

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There is enough evidence that lifestyle changes can adversely affect sperm count, morphology, DNA, and overall health.

But we can tackle such situations by keeping the body fit, maintaining a healthy diet, limiting alcohol consumption, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress levels.

If you follow these basic tricks, you can improve your fertility without any medical support. 

So, the simple strategies discussed in this article will help you prepare yourself physically and mentally for the fertility journey.  

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