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Potential Urinary Issues From Bath Bomb Ingredients – Is It Harmful?

Bath bombs can be one of those fancy products your purchase from a grocery store or supermarket for that pampering sessions during weekends.

There may be also people who use it on a daily basis because they are so used to it.

What Are Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs can also be quite addictive in case you are planning to try your hands on the same.

This is because of the foam burst, quirky colors, and the interesting shapes and sizes in which it gets exhibited in the marketplaces.

Having a bath using these bombs after a hectic week can help you have a mental detox and even help you have the most quality time with yourself.

Bath Bombs

Users have also mentioned that bath bomb showers have helped to reduce their mental stress and also refresh them in and out. Hence the mood-lifting properties of these bath bombs can never be ignored.

However, there are certain things to be taken care of while using these bath bombs since there are chances for it to cause several infections or health issues, especially in your urinary tract area.

This article is all about the safe use of bath bombs, how to select them wisely without harming your health, and literally anything and everything you need to know if you are a consumer of the product or planning to be one. 

Unveiling The Hidden Health Risks Of Bath Bombs

There are a lot of health concerns that arise due to the usage of bath bombs. Skin diseases and urinary tract infections are some of them.

The dark pigments used to give colors to these bombs, the harsh fragrances, and also the fancy glitters can possibly harm your skin.

But the skin diseases caused due to the use of bath bombs have been much discussed. So now you can get a lot of skin-friendly bath bombs from reliable brands in the market.

But urinary tract infections are something that is quite underrated when it comes to the infections caused by bath bombs.

Females are the ones who are always more prone to these kinds of infections on account of the inward positioning and structuring of their genitals.

This also makes it obvious that females are also the ones who should be more careful while dealing with a bath bomb in their bathrooms.

You can easily get infected with fungal and bacterial infections around that area if you are not that cautious while picking your bath bombs.

One of the most important things to be done in this regard is that make sure you read the ingredients list before buying a bath bomb.

You should also be aware of your skin type and the allergic ingredients to it.

It is always recommended to use a bath bomb having really mild ingredients since the skin surrounding the urinal area is quite sensitive and delicate.

It is also important to understand that the purpose of bath bombs is primarily to make you relax and have quality solo time.

But make sure you stick to your routine if you are using a bath bomb or not.

Exfoliation and body wash products should be used separately to keep your body clean and safe.

It would also help to rinse off all the residue of bath bombs from all the sensitive and other parts of your body.

Even if you are not using a shower gel, make sure your genitals are clean and clear after using a bath bomb.

Retaining the residue of bath bombs in the region is quite harmful and can aggravate the chances of infections you can have from usage. 

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Now comes the most important step to be kept in mind while using a bath bomb. If you get infected with a urinary tract issue, do not try to put the blame on dehydration or any other random reasons.


If you are using bath bombs, this might also be a valid reason for your infection.

Immediately stop using the product and consult a urologist as soon as possible and let them know the products you have been using.

If you are quite obsessive about using a bath bomb, ask your doctor to suggest a medically safe one so that you can still enjoy the fun without harming your body.

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