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Can A UTI Go Away On Its Own:  How Can We Treat It?

When any part of your urinary system including your kidneys, bladder, or urethra is affected by infection of any form, you are said to be experiencing a Urinary Tract Infection. Although both men and women are affected by this infection, women are more prone to it than men. When you are affected by UTI, you will experience unbearable pain in your bladder and it is important to treat it before the infection spreads to your kidneys to avoid serious health issues. 

You can self-diagnose if you have this infection by looking out for common symptoms such as the frequent urge to urinate and experiencing a burning sensation to urinate. Urinary Tract infection results in smelly urination and leads to pelvic pain often. When you have an infection you might notice signs of blood in your urine and when you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms it is essential to be careful.

Is UTI A Serious Infection?

The Urology Care Foundation states, more than 10 million people are subjected to Urinary Tract Infections every year and more than 63% of women and 14% of men, experience UTIs at least once in their lifetime.

Know About UTI

Depending on the level of Urinary Tract Infection, the next level of treatment would vary. If the infection is mild, then it will go away on its own. But when your infection is severe it might be harmful if left untreated. If you linger longer without getting medical attention, your UTI could also become a kidney infection and threaten the functioning of your kidneys shortly.

Hence it is vital to look out for any unusual symptoms while urinating to treat any UTI with pills and other supplements and make them go away without much harm. With the right fluids and antibiotics UTIs can easily be treated without much hassle. The earlier you detect your UTI, the faster you can make it disappear altogether. If you treat your infection after it has become severe, the chances of the infection resurfacing are more.

It is also important to take adequate hygiene measures to prevent the infection from occurring in the first place to reduce its spread further. These measures include staying hydrated, properly cleaning your private areas, and avoiding holding urine for a longer duration. You can start a healthy dietary routine by including foods that are rich in Vitamin C and include garlic as much as possible in your food.

Start consuming probiotics and increase your fluid consumption to prevent UTIs from occurring. Your medical expert will prescribe you the appropriate treatment depending on the level and duration of your infection. If you have a mild infection that ranges between five to fourteen days, your medical expert will usually prescribe oral medication and oral antibiotics.

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But if your UTI is severe and it has started spreading, then you will be required to undertake intravenous antibiotics that will make you hospitalized for a few days to make you better. Among all food, cranberry juice works the best to treat UTIs rapidly. Cranberries are enriched with antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and thereby fight off any infection at the roots.

Start making cranberry juice a part of your daily dietary routine to prevent your body from getting infected. At the end of the day, everything comes back to the basics, that is hygiene and nutritious food. If you follow regular hygiene checks and start consuming food that has antibacterial properties, you can easily make UTIs go away without any hassle. It is important to seek the advice of a medical expert once you notice symptoms of UTI and discuss the appropriate treatment options to get rid of the infection at the earliest.

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