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Don’t Hold It In: Why Delaying Urination After Sex Can Be Dangerous?

It is a pretty common tale these days that almost every person with a vagina has heard that one must urinate after having sex.

And this tale might hold a bit of truth considering the fact that the organs are extremely close to each other and that sex can be a reason for the bacteria to cause infection in the urinary parts.

Factors Affecting UTI After Sexual Intercourse

Sexual intercourse can be a major risk factor for urinary tract infection or UTI in short. During intercourse, bacteria can transfer from the genitals to the urethra pretty easily.

The urethra is a narrow tube that connects the bladder to the urethral opening from where the urine comes out.

Bacteria, if it comes in contact with the urethra, then it is a pretty easy journey to reach the bladder. And this might result in a urinary tract infection.

Peeing after sex might help flush out the harmful bacteria that cause the infection.

Peeing After Sex

Especially for females, it is important to not delay because they are more susceptible to UTIs.

Vagina owners have a 30 times more chance of getting a urinary tract infection than males. This increased susceptibility is due to two reasons.

The first one is that the female urethra is closer to the vagina and anus. This means the infection-causing bacteria receive an easy ride to spread diseases from the genitals to the urethra.

The second point will be that the urethra in a woman is shorter in size compared to men, which means the bacteria that can reach the urethra will be able to reach the bladder pretty easily.

Hence in women peeing after sex will aid in flushing out any of these harmful bacteria from the urethra.

Understanding The Role of Peeing After Sex

In men, it is not often suggested as a compulsory or essential practice to pee after having intercourse.

This might be due to the reason males have a longer urethra, which makes the odds even less for the bacteria to reach the urethra from the genital areas.

Moreover, for people with a penis, their urethra releases both urine and semen, though not at the same time. 

There is no such default time to how soon one should pee after making love, but the most common take is within 30 minutes.

In the cases where you are trying to conceive, some medical practitioners might suggest waiting for a few minutes before you pee. Some believe that a slight delay might help the latecomers to start their journey.

But peeing after sex has not proven to adversely affect your chances of conceiving. But if you really want to wait then no harm is done delaying for a few minutes.

However, peeing after sex is completely useless if your goal is to prevent STI or sexually transmitted infections.

There is nothing much one can do about it because you pee through your urethra and the genitals that came in contact with the infections might not be able to flush out the infection-causing germs just because you urinate.

Moreover, your body will absorb the germs through tiny tears found in the mucus membranes, which suggests peeing can’t interfere with that absorption process.

The only way to reduce the risks of getting an STI is to engage in safe sex.

Now peeing after sex will not help prevent pregnancy. Even if you shoot toward the bathroom to urinate right after the climax.


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During vaginal intercourse, the semen is ejected into the vaginal canal. But you are letting out urine through the urethra which is not at all correlated.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is, peeing won’t change anything or eject anything that has entered your vaginal canal.

The only way to prevent unwanted pregnancy is through the use of birth control pills or other effective contraceptives.

If you do not feel the urge to pee you can try these techniques to induce that urge. Try drinking water. As you consume more water, the bladder stretches and expands in size.

The more it stretches the more easily you feel the need to urinate. Another technique is as old as mothers whispering ‘sssssshhhhhh’ to make their kids pee.

You can try using audio or visual cues to increase the urge. You can for example watch or listen to running water to increase the urge to pee.

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