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Split Urine Stream – What Are Its Causes & Treatment?

Have you heard about split urine stream and its related symptoms and causes? If you are new to this term or looking for a detailed article that discusses everything about split urine stream, all you need is to continue reading as we will take a deeper look into it.

Split urine stream or split stream urination is a health condition in both men and women that they experience splitting or dividing the urine into more than one stream. But in common, this condition is mainly seen in men.

Caution ⚠️

The urine from a healthy body is supposed to pass in a single stream. So, split stream urination may be a sign of an unhealthy urethra or bladder.

Also, a medical condition called prostatitis can result in urine flow splits. Inflammation in the prostate gland results in prostatitis. As this medical condition is diagnosed and treated for years, know that you are not the forts one who faces related health issues. 

The causes of the split urine stream

The split urine stream happens for different reasons. Some of the causes are mild, and others need special attention on time. Here are the major causes of the split urine stream:

causes of the split urine stream
  • Low urination pressure: Low urination pressure causes a split urine stream. The passing urine has a specific pressure that keeps it flowing healthy. But when this pressure gets low, it can result in a split urine stream. Without adequate pressure, it blocks the path of passing urine and makes you urinate by splitting into many streams. Healthy urination will always have the pressure that supports washing away the blockages in the urethra. 
  • Adhesion: Adhesion is a condition when the urethral edges get stuck together. Adhesion occurs temporarily and this condition results in sticking up the pipes. The sticky condition will not last long as it gets cleared in a day. 
  • Ejaculation: You may feel a split urine stream after a few minutes or hours after ejaculation. During ejaculation, the semen will be released. This liquid, which is thick in nature, may get stuck in the urethra. After ejaculation, this semen will dry and block the urine track. So while you pee, you will see a split urine stream. So, to prevent it, you need to take care of cleaning the area to remove any stuck semen.
  • Urethral polyps: Another cause of a split urine stream is ‌urethral polyps. Polyps are tiny growths that develop naturally in the urethra. This condition is seen both in men and women. The latest study report shows that urethral polyps are the major cause seen ‌in women more than men, which end in a split urine stream.
  • Enlarged prostate: Enlarged prostate is common in men. When men get older, chances are many to develop an enlarged prostate gland. This health condition results in various health issues and discomforts in men. Some of the common issues include frequent urination, difficulty emptying the bladder, split urine streams, etc. 
  • Congenital urethral fistula: Congenital urethral fistula is a birth defect. It is a severe health condition that results in split-stream urination. In this condition, an unwanted passage develops on the ventral aspect of the penis. It causes the urine to split into two or more streams. 
  • Urethral damage: The urethra is a small tube-like structure that supports easy passage of urine out of the body. Any damage or scar to the urethra can cause a split urine stream. 
  • Urethral duplication: Urethral duplication is a condition in which the human body holds two urethras instead of a single urethra. This health condition is a birth defect that is commonly seen in males. Having two urethras can cause split-stream urination. The only treatment for this medical condition is ‌surgery, which helps correct this abnormality.
  • Urethral stricture: This is another health condition in which the urethra gets narrowed. The narrowing of the urethra is usually caused due to prolonged inflammation. Also, this condition is a result of developing scar tissue. These conditions could happen due to injury, surgical procedure, or sexually transmitted infection

Treatment of split urine stream

Treatment usually starts by diagnosing the root cause of the split urine stream. By addressing the underlying problem, the medical expert will suggest taking supplements or surgery if the condition is serious. If you see the split urine stream returning to normal within hours or a day, it is not a matter of concern.

On the other hand, if you continue struggling with the split urine stream, make an appointment with a urologist today that will help you restore healthy urine flow. 

Final Thoughts on Split urine stream

Now that you know everything about split urine stream, its causes, and treatment. Know that a split urine stream is not a condition to worry about, as there are effective treatments available that help you get back to achieving a smooth, natural flow. In uncomfortable conditions, it’s always good to make an appointment with the doctor that helps to find out your current health condition. It even aids in taking the ideal treatment that helps you keep the split urine stream at bay.

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