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Where To Place Tens Pads For Erectile Dysfunction?

Reproductive health in men is a widely researched topic. While taking into consideration the most common issues that are faced by men, erectile dysfunction is one of those. Since the amount of research has increased in recent times, the amount of research toward a cure is also increased.

As far as the inherent condition is concerned, there is no available cure as of now. TENS pads have come into the market as a short-term remedy. They may or may not help in the long run. 

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be defined as impotency. As the name suggests, there is an issue with the penis staying erect for sexual intercourse. This makes mating much more difficult. It is also abbreviated as ED. In common parlance, erectile dysfunction is not talked about much. Research has shown in most cases, it is not discovered for a long duration. The social context is also taken into consideration a majority of the time. 

Purpose Of Tens Pads

Purpose Of Tens Pads

TENS pad can be expanded as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. As the name suggests, these work by sending electrical nerve stimulation. In other words, they aim at curing the ailment from the root. Erectile dysfunction is most closely related to the supply of blood to the reproductive organs.

When this gets sorted, there are no other issues. When these electrical impulses are sent, the body gets a generalized signal. As the flow of blood increases, so does the chance of erection. The duration of the erection cannot be determined by the way in which these pads are put to use.

The stimulation may or may not prepare the body to a considerable extent. In addition to this, usage intensity also has an important role to play. If such therapy has been used for an elongated period, the effects might reduce proportionately. This is because the body gets accustomed to the electrical impulse and stops sending the desired signals. 

Where To Place Tens Pads For Erectile Dysfunction?

While using a particular form of treatment for such a sensitive area, it is essential to have background information. There are numerous risks associated as well, like getting an electric shock. Modulation is one of the most important techniques when it comes to using TENS pads for erectile dysfunction. The placement is the most important as far as the quantum of cure is concerned. The following areas might aid in better results – 

  • Inner Thighs

Sending stimulations to these areas helps in speeding up the recovery to a considerable extent. This is because of the proximity to the target area. The inner thighs are also more sensitive than other parts, excluding the scrotum. 

  • Abdominal Area

This area is most importantly concerned with sending signals to the nervous system. Blood vessels are also involved to a large extent. Thus, stimulating this area will definitely help in preparing the whole area for a long duration of time. The duration depends on the amount of area covered by the pads in one go. The intensity of the stimulation also plays an important role. 

  • Lower Back

The sacral nerves are the most closely connected to the reasons for erectile dysfunction. When one aims at treating the same in a short duration, the lower back region is considered to be the most important. The stimulation might also help in further improving the drive. In addition to this, the lower back region is considered to be the core of the male reproductive system.


Using any foreign device for enhancing reproductive health cannot be sustained for long. Ultimately, the body comes to its natural state. All other conditions might also be affected. The whole reproductive system might suffer due to this disturbance.

It is never a good idea to meddle with sexual organs without enough supervision. It might worsen the condition in certain situations, without the slightest hint.  This does not include other medications that aim at improving erectile dysfunction completely.

Hormone therapy is also one of those alternatives. To sum up, this remedy may or may not enhance reproductive health for a long duration of time. It is advisable to consult a medical practitioner before using TENS pads.

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