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Which Is A Short-Term Goal Related To Maintaining Reproductive And Sexual Health?

Maintaining good sexual and reproductive health is important for the smooth and efficient functioning of all vital organs of the human body. There are certain factors that help the sexual and reproductive health of individuals.

Tips To Keep Yourself Sexually And Reproductively Healthy

In this article, we would discuss the major ones that aid sexual health. We would also cover the benefits of having sexual health and also the short terms goals associated with it. 

4 Factors That Helps To Improve Sexual And Reproductive Health

As discussed earlier an array of factors play a major role in building up sexual health. The major ones are proper diet, healthy body weight, exercise, and sufficient sleep. These four elements do help in growing and maintaining the reproductive health of the body. We would discuss it more in this section.

1. Proper Diet For Sexual Health

A proper diet is very important in providing sexual health to individuals. Though there are other means to acquire vitamins such as taking health supplements, nothing comes even close to a proper diet in building the sexual as well as overall improvement of health. It has been proven in scientific studies beyond doubt that proper diet, in fact, is the backbone of the sexual health of the body. 

2. Healthy Body Weight

Healthy body weight could alone be a deterrent against many diseases in human beings. It has also been found that the accumulation of body fat would lead to lower sexual drive. Hence, it is advisable to shed some extra weight in order to build sexual health. Stable body weight also helps to the build-up of sex hormones such as testosterone that could benefit reproductive health

3. Exercise

Exercise plays a major role in circulating blood all over the body. It improves sexual function and also immensely benefits the body’s overall health. Certain exercises like Pelvic floor exercises have proven beneficial in improving sexual health. It is beyond doubt, that a simple walk can have a major impact and promote better functioning of the body and protect from lifestyle diseases. 

4. Sufficient Sleep

More than anything else sufficient sleep also helps to build reproductive health. Many studies have pointed out that sleep deprivation is associated with reduced sexual desire in human beings. Good sleep reboots the entire system and helps to relax muscles and enhances the functioning of the body. 

Importance of Sexual Health

There are many positives that could be attributed to having better sexual health. Some of them are a better immune system, better cardiovascular health, a decrease in depression, and anxiety, and increased libido. We would find out more about these aspects in this section. 

  • Better Immune System- More than anything sexual health would boost your immune system. The US National Library of Medicine has found out in their studies that the more you are sexually active, the more immune you would become against pathogens. It has also been reported that those who had sex more often were able to resist diseases than others who were less driven to it.
  • Cardiovascular Health- Sexual health can directly promote your heart health. Extensive studies have shown that sexual activities help strengthen the coronary arteries, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and help with sleep disorders. The NIH has found in their studies that sexual dysfunction is prevalent in people with cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Decrease in Depression and Anxiety-  Sexual activities could act as a stress buster and can reduce the levels of cortisol in the blood.  It can provide psychological and emotional benefits to individuals and thereby decrease depression and anxiety. Sexual activities release hormones and endorphins that elevate mood, release tension and increase feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. 
  • Increased Libido- Increased libido is a sign of better reproductive health and reduction of stress hormones in the body. It helps to maintain blood pressure levels stable and balance the overall functioning of the body. Increased libido also helps to keep the heart muscles functioning smoothly and helps metabolism. 

Short-Term Goals Of Sexual Health

Sexual health would be beneficial in more ways than we think. For some, the short-term goals range from building a good relationship with the spouse to a better relationship between partners, etc.

But there are also bonuses of optimal sexual health as it would make sure that the body performs in other sections also like better physical stamina, mood relaxation, and the score of other aspects that we have discussed in the previous section. 


In this article, we have had a basic understanding of better reproductive and sexual health, the factors behind it, and the benefits it offers in general. We also understood how sexual health plays a defined role in keeping the body fit in many scores.

In the end, it seems that sexual health can help to achieve a lot of short-term goals which we had mentioned, other than it, it also helps us immensely in long term as well.  

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