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Physical Signs A Younger Woman Is Attracted To An Older Man

When it comes to attraction, the notion of a younger woman getting attracted to a man who is older than her is nothing new. But how can you tell if she is attracted to older guys? Are there any physical signs to identify the same? Yes, there are physical signs that will help in identifying if a woman is attracted to older guys, and let me walk you through the same.

Age Is Just A Number, Right?

The simplest yet more underrated sign is her willingness to spend time with you. It doesn’t matter if you are younger or older, if a woman spends time with you she has an attraction towards you.

Is Your Woman Constantly Trying To Tell You How Immature Guys Her Age Are?

This is a big revealing sign of how she gets attracted to older men and their put-together life and life experiences. So next time, you spend time with your woman and listen to what she’s talking about when it comes to guys her age and you can easily identify if she is attracted to you or not.

Although women have group chats where she talks about you with their girls, she will never introduce you to them unless she is serious about you. So if she introduces you to her friends it is a big sign that she genuinely is interested in your company and your older age and maturity have an upper score with her.

Does She Often Ask Questions About Your Past Relationships?

This is a good sign that she is looking for a future with you as this will help her identify where things are going with you for her. Even if you have just started seeing each other, a woman will never go out with you, not even a few times if she is 100% sure there is no future for you both.

So if your woman is curious about your past relationships, that means she is trying to be a part of your present and future. So don’t just shy away and open up to her and prove you are not full of games like most guys in her age and this will build her trust in you.

Does She Talk About Her Interests Now And Then?

Does she discuss her favorite movies, books, and food with you? If yes, it means she is interested in your opinion of her choices in addition to opening up with you, and believe me, women do not do this unless they are completely attracted to you. This is also her way of ensuring you that you two have similar tastes and are compatible despite the age gap and a gentle reminder that she doesn’t care you are older than her. 

If she has told you more than once that your age doesn’t bother her, and it is one of the top-scoring points for your relationship because of your maturity and experience, trust her! Because she means it. 

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, we are possessive about the people we care about. Does your woman get possessive when other girls are near you? If she gets possessive and jealous, then she is attracted to you because women don’t get possessive about anybody. 

Actions speak louder than words. Look out for how interested your woman is in knowing about your daily life and how she is initiating conversation with you and you can easily identify if she is attracted to you.

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