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Why Am I Sexually Attracted To Older Men?

The concept of women getting attracted to older men is nothing new under the sun for older men are free of games and reek of maturity and stability right?

There are so many stereotypes when it comes to age gaps between a man and woman but you cannot control who you are attracted to right? For ages, younger women have had an evolutionary pull towards older men like it has been biologically hardwired in their DNA. 

How To Attract An Older Man Physically?

When it comes to understanding why you are attracted to older men, it is important to do a self-introspection of what made you attracted to them as this will help you in identifying the type of future you crave. 

When women are attracted to someone, it goes beyond physical appearances. Women need an emotional connection even if they want to go out on a single date without any plans for the future.

Why Am I Sexually Attracted To Older Men?

So if you are attracted to a man who is older than you understand what emotions he evokes in you. Is it maturity? Stability? A more defined outlook on life? Once you identify what makes you attracted to a guy older than you, it will be easy for you to establish a relationship with him.

If you are someone who had a hard time figuring your life out when you are younger, either professionally, financially, or personally, your most basic urge would be craving stability and older men can give you this stability and wisdom on how to handle things as they have already walked this path in their life.

This will make you feel protected and give confidence that your man will be able to take care of you this protected feeling is a huge success in any relationship and this will make him more attractive in your eyes and make age just a number.

So ask yourself if you constantly ask your man for opinions on professional and personal matters and if his opinion factors a huge portion of your decision-making process. If yes, this is one of the main reasons why you are attracted to your older man.

Are you tired of men your age who are unfaithful and who are not ready to put their foot down and settle? When you are turned off by the poor communication by men of your age who has immaturity written all over them, you will consciously and subconsciously look out for a way to avoid this frustration and when you meet a mature man, who has had several life experiences and who is ready to settle down in life you will be easily attracted to him.

Older men are more secure in themselves and this will automatically make you feel secure when you are with them and this makes them more attractive to you.

When you are in a secured relationship you will no longer feel threatened by the woman in your man’s life because you trust them to remain faithful and this trust makes your man more attractive to your eyes.

Older men are realistic and are not afraid to express themselves and their feelings. Their years of experience have made them more patient and have developed their listening skills as compared to younger men and this makes older men more attractive.

Compared to younger men who are careless with their words and tend to hurt you every now and then with their words, older men have mastered the art of communication and will never hurt you with their words.

It doesn’t matter if your man is younger or older, as long as he makes you happy and makes you feel important in the relationship for there is no greater attraction than the ability to trust someone completely.

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