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Sexercise: Effects, Benefits, And Exercises To Try

Sexercise is an umbrella term used for all exercises that can improve your sexual performance and make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner.

The term was coined by the celebrity trainer Jason Rosell. He used it for specific practices that improve someone’s sexual experience.

Doing these exercises will make you physically fit and avoids diseases such as diabetes that may cause a sexual issue

Overview Of Sexercise | What Is Sexercise All About? | The Benefits Of Sexercise Include

Exercise To Improve Sex | Sexual Positions That Can Improve the sexual experience | Conclusion | FAQs

Overview Of Sexercise – Effects On Our Body And Mind

The term Sexercise can be used for a wide range of activities and also any particular activity that improves sexual performance can be seen under Sexercise.

When we hear the word exercise we immediately think about losing body weight. But exercise has many more benefits. It improves your coordination capacity and makes you stronger.

Also, Exercise can improve sexual performance in many ways. That is where the term sexercise comes in.

What Is Sexercise All About?

Sexercise consists of movements that help improve stamina, endurance, flexibility, etc. Squats and ab exercises are all part of the Sexercise.

Sex itself can be considered as Sexercise, as we are doing some of the physical activities that will increase our heart rate. The science behind Sexercise is when we exercise our heart rate gets higher and blood pumping also increases.

When the heart pumps more blood more oxygen reaches different body parts. This will ultimately increase the functioning of every body part including sexual body parts.

The Benefits Of Sexercise Include :

  • Healthy relationships

As we all know sex is very much part of a relationship. When you have good sex that will make your relationship stronger.

  • Better self-esteem

During any effective exercise, our body is going through a drastic change.  That makes our body fit and it increases our self-esteem. Being able to perform well in bed will make a good image of you in your partner’s mind.

  • Better emotional health

Exercise will make you physically strong as well as emotionally strong. A person who is concerned about their physical fitness can handle any situation perfectly.

  • Stress management

Stress is a very dangerous thing that can cause much damage to our bodies. Good sex can reduce your overall stress. Sexercise will help to achieve better sexual performance

  • Better Sleep

And Good sleep can definitely make your day even better. It is accepted by the world that after exercise or sex, your body will feel weak that ultimately resulting in a satisfying sleep.

Exercises To Improve Sex

As we discussed exercise can definitely change your sexual life, But not everyone can do every exercise. So consult your doctor or a trainer before starting your workout. Follow the instructions they give you.

If you are a person who has never done any exercise before, this will be difficult for you in the beginning but it will become bearable soon. Start with the basics and make yourself comfortable.

 Here are some of the exercises that can improve your sexual ability. Doing this on a regular basis will help you to avoid sexual diseases to an extent.

  • Yoga

Generally, we associate flexibility, balance, and easy movements with Yoga. But when you think of it again these are the things we needed during sex. Everyday yoga training will then help you to ease your sexual activities and make you more engaged. 

With the help of a Yoga trainer, you can practice it anywhere or many Yoga tutorial videos are now available on the internet you can make use of that. I would recommend the tree pose and butterfly yoga poses that will help you to get balance during sex.

  • Cardio

Cardio workouts are helpful for sex as they increase stamina and overall body energy. Cardio exercises include walking, jogging, squats, dancing, etc. These exercises will make your body stronger and lift up your mood. Make you more attracted to sex.

  • Pelvic floor exercise

Pelvic floor exercise aka Kegels will make your uterus, rectum, bladder, and other organs in the pelvic region stronger. These organs play an important role in sexual activities. So supporting them with pelvic floor exercises will lead to enhancing sexual pleasure. 

It is scientifically proven that strong pelvic floor muscles can lead to more intense and long-lasting orgasms. During practicing this exercise the blood flow to those particular areas will increases and make them highly performable.

  • Sex

As I mentioned in the beginning, Sex can be considered as an exercise too. During sex, many of our body parts are moving and they will help you to have a better sexual experience. It is a physical activity that needs more energy.

For example, when you are lifting your partner you are actually doing a physical exercise that can burn many calories. While doing sex make sure that both partners are comfortable, both physically and mentally.

Sexual Positions That Can Improve the sexual experience

There are many positions that can improve your sexual experience even better. The usual missionary position can be changed with other spicy positions that can make your heart beat faster and pumps more blood, making your sex much better.

Here are some of them, you might be familiar with them.

  • Lifting Position

This position is when the penetrating partner is standing and holding the other partner wrapped around them using their legs. This will need a lot of endurance, balance, and strength. This is indeed a challenging position but definitely satisfying tho.

  • Intense Position

Any position that is done very intensely can be considered Sexercise. Because while doing something using all your strength and intensity will make your heart rate goes higher and give you more pleasure.

  • Flex and Stretch Position

During sex, Stretching your legs and arms forward and backward will make the process even more engaging. It’s not like you have to do it anyway but doing it for your own satisfaction will definitely make a change in your sexual function.


As far as we discussed, Sexercise is nothing but beneficial for our body in every aspect. Any physical activity that helps to make your sexual performance or experience better can be considered Sexercise.

Sex itself is sexercise because it includes many physical activities that need energy. Good and satisfying sex is what everyone is looking for. So if there is a way we can improve it, then it definitely a worthwhile try activity.

There are many exercises that improve our body functioning and make it suitable for sex. That includes cardio and yoga and other exercises too.

During sex, a little care of the movements can make the whole sexual activity result in an unforgettable experience. After all, this is not a competition to win, both partners have to make adjustments for a better outcome, that is, well-experienced and pleasurable sex.

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