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5 Reasons Why Your Menstrual Cup Is Leaking: Everything You Need To Know

A menstrual cup is one of the safest sanitary products you can use while you are on your period. Even if you are bleeding heavily, the menstrual cup will not leak since it is designed in such a way. When compared to sanitary pads and tampons, the design of a menstrual cup has got a better capacity to store more menstrual blood at a time.

Still if your menstrual cup leaks, there may be some other reasons for it, other than the defects of the cup. Here are some of the considerable reasons for you to analyze.

Once you get into these reasons and get to know the root cause of your menstrual cup leakage, it becomes easy for you to rectify the mistake and start using the cup with much more ease and comfort.

It is better to find the cause of leaking rather than trashing the cup within the first use since it is the safest, most hygienic, and doctor-recommended method of period hygiene.

How Safe Is Menstrual Cup?

Apart from that these cups are quite safe for girls in early teenage to women nearing menopause. Hence its versatility is unquestioned in almost all aspects. These cups are quite economical and will not cause any environmental hazards just like sanitary pads made using synthetic materials that are highly consequential to nature.

Reasons For Menstrual Cup Leakage

You just need to invest a relatively bigger amount in the initial stage but then it can be used for up to 5-10 years depending upon the brand you choose. A menstrual cup is also quite beneficial to maintain the pH levels of the vagina without disrupting it with exposure to chemical components just like the sanitary pads.

It also prevents any sort of vaginal infection caused by other sanitary products like pads or tampons. It also helps in maintaining the healthy bacterial growth necessary in the vaginal region

Reasons For Menstrual Cup Leakage

One of the main reasons for the leakage of menstrual cups may be your unfamiliarity with them. Those who are new to this sanitary product may use it incorrectly which may be one of the valid reasons for the leakage.

This is quite a resolvable issue and there is no need to stop using the cup for this reason. Remember that familiarity with the cup is something that is gained with time and not something that comes along with the package.

If you are doubtful of the leakage you can use a panty liner or a regular sanitary pad underneath until you become quite familiar with the product. 

Insertion is one of the common mistakes causing leakages. There are certain proven ways and techniques to insert the cup into your vaginal canal. Doing this incorrectly can make the cup sit in an improper position in the vagina causing leakages quite easily.

This can also be rectified easily through practice. You can watch plenty of youtube videos tutoring you on how to insert a menstrual cup correctly. Once you get the knack of the process of insertion, it becomes the most comfortable partner of your period cycle

Picking up the right size is also a crucial thing to prevent your cup from leaking. There are a total of 3 different sizes for the menstrual cup. They are small, medium, and large. Small is generally for girls in their early and late teens who have got a slim physique and have just started menstruating.

You can switch to medium if you are in your youth and have got an average body build. Large is for those ladies who have undergone a vaginal delivery. If you are using a cup with a different size, buy one with the correct size to avoid this problem of leaking. Another reason is caused from the extreme comfort levels provided by a menstrual cup.

When they are more comfortable, sometimes you may even forget about the existence of the cup in your vagina so you won’t clear the blood, so you must remove the menstrual cup after use, clean the cup and reinsert it.

This may cause the overflowing of the cup to end up in a leakage. Pooping is another common reason for leakage. Pooping cause the contraction of the muscles in the region causing the overflow of the cup even if it is not full yet. The leakage caused by this will not spoil your clothes since it would only be a very few drops.

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