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Body Positivity And Sexual Confidence – Is It Still Taboo?

Sexual confidence and terms related to our intimate moments are still categorized as taboo or oversexualized.

It is often seen as anything but natural. Sexuality is an integral part of humanity and we have to accept it as it is.

And it is vital that we are able to find a way to communicate and understand it in a way that aligns with our values.

Is Sexual Confidence Still Considered As Taboo?

Sex is described as dirty or taboo, and this description in itself shames the bodies that are engaged in it. This might be why we associate a naked body with shame and something not to be admired or talked about.

What is more humane than bodies that carry us throughout our day till we are six feet under?

And sometimes all these ridiculous unmanageable beauty standards might make us feel insecure and bad about how our body looks.

Sexual Confidence Still Considered As Taboo

This decrease in body confidence might make us feel really bad and vulnerable about being with someone intimately.

Feeling negative thoughts about our bodies lowers our desire to engage in the act.

Because it is primarily impacting ourselves which interferes with the way we interact with our partners.

Several studies show that shame and anxiety about one’s own body will result in them avoiding physical closeness at all costs which will result in reduced satisfaction.

Relationship Between Body Positivity And Sexual Confidence

Positive body image and sex have a direct relationship. People who respect, accept and feel good about their bodies claim that they are more likely to engage in good sex.

As per the study published in the Psychology of Women Quarterly, it was positive body image that was seen to be attached to better sex life, not Body Mass Index (BMI), or exercise.

These body image-related issues are not limited to a particular gender. People of all gender can feel the same way.

Some studies revealed that for penis owners negative body image was associated with premature ejaculation.

This suggests that for a better sex life, you need not change your body, but change the way you feel about your body.

Relationship Between Body Positivity And Sexual Confidence

Now here is a few things enlisted about how to improve your relationship with your body. You can try making a list of all things that make you feel good about your body.

Concentrate on how your body lets you enjoy and gain all these experiences and help you do the activities you like.

 Another major key is to accept the fact that you should stop feeling critical about your body rather than be realistic.

You might watch people in various social media, magazines, films, etc, who all look like they are literal embodiments of the perfect body, but the reality is not even close.

They have gone through hours of makeup and grooming and thousands of clicks to get that perfect picture with the perfect angle and then through many edits in the captured picture before it reaches your eyes. 

Always remember that you are judging your body, not your partner. Be patient and work on this thought process.

Sex is a thousandfolds better when you are at the moment enjoying it, not when you are not fully into it and thinking about how your body looks in certain angles or etc., etc.

Take time, meditate, and reflect on your thought process and slowly work your way through it. 

Your partner is who you are going to be intimate with. So why not talk to them and be clear and mindful about each other’s needs?

This will only give space for more clarity and understanding, which will only aid in a good time with them.

Developing a positive relationship with your body and body image takes a lot of time, learning and probably a lot more unlearning too.

Consume the right type of content on your social media, or whichever sources, that makes you feel good not insecure or disturbed.

Follow certified health and fitness professionals if you want to, not celebrities for your fitness inspiration.

The most important fact is to focus on staying fit and not looking like you are fit, which is a big difference.

Confidence is a major aphrodisiac. It gives you the energy and power to navigate your sex life. So to have better sexual functioning work towards building a good body image.

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