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Is Vaginal Numbness Normal? A Closer Look At Women’s Sexual Health!

Vaginal Numbness is a very serious ailment however over time it has become very common. Numbness is always considered to be the state wherein women experience needle-like pins pricking inside their skin.

A woman is not in the position to experience climax during sex or fall asleep properly whenever she undergoes vaginal numbness. This numbness is caused due to damaged nervous issues or due to the blockings in the veins of the vaginal area.

Excessive physical activities such as following a rigorous workout schedule can also be a reason for temporary vaginal numbness. In fact, dependence on vibrators for sexual pleasure and overstimulation can also result in vaginal numbness.

Reasons For Vaginal Numbness

There are probably two kinds of numbness. The first one is temporary and the other one is permanent. While the former is very common and does not end up leaving serious damage, the latter is very risky and has to be treated immediately so that no long-term side effect is reported over the period of time.

Reasons For Vaginal Numbness

Hormonal imbalance, infections, stress, and injuries can be a reason due to which the sexual health of women can be impacted in the long run. Let us explore different reasons for vaginal numbness that affect the women’s reproductive system.

1. Stress and Hormonal change

Stress is one of the most common reasons for all sexual disorders in women. It is only because of stress that estrogen levels fall sharply in women.

This causes an imbalance in the hormones and therefore, results in making the vaginal walls thick, dry, and inelastic. It induces a lot of pain during sexual intercourse.

This state is often referred to as vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy decreases the sensation in the vaginal area and hence results in vaginal numbness. 

2. Vaginal birth

If a woman undergoes normal delivery, then there is a high possibility that she can suffer from vaginal numbness for a considerable period of time.

During delivery, the vaginal muscles are strained and the flow of blood to the vaginal walls is reduced.

As a result, the quantum of the sensations reduces to a great extent. This also results in vaginal numbness over a period of time.

If the average weight of the baby delivered is more than 8 pounds then also the chances of experiencing numbness in the vagina increase. 

3. Trauma

Any physical or mental trauma can be the reason behind vaginal numbness. Many women fear having sex regularly and this fear makes their vagina numb and they do not feel any kind of sensations.

Exposure to trauma can also restrict the blood flow to the vaginal area and hence as a result create a condition of numbness. 

4. Inflammatory disease

Any kind of inflammatory disease such as lupus and sclerosis can damage the nerves around the vaginal region. As a result, the responsiveness of the nerves to different sensations decreases.

Therefore, it results in vaginal numbness and hence makes it difficult for the woman to experience any climax during sexual intercourse. 

5. Lower back injuries

Lower back injuries such as herniated discs can compress the muscles at the lower end of the spinal cord. This can exert pressure against the nerves of the vaginal area. This pressure usually damages the nerves and movement of the area is completely curtailed.

Not only this but also, the nerves are not able to transfer the blood from one part of the body to another. This lack of blood flow reduces the tendency of the vagina to experience sensations during sexual activities. It also results in vaginal numbness.

All of these reasons can individually or cumulatively damage the vaginal area of the body. Therefore, there is a need to make sure that women protect their vaginal health to the maximum possible extent from all of these causes so that vaginal numbness is not caused at all.

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Final Thoughts

Therefore, if any woman experiences any of these issues, then she must immediately consult the doctors so that this problem can be cured there and then and does not aggravate further to cause vaginal problems in the future. This is the best remedy for all of these issues 

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