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Herpes And Dating: Honesty, Communication, and Empowerment!

Herpes is an infection that has become very common with around 67% of the world’s population being affected by it. But people still find it hard to open up about it. As people find it hard to approach a doctor or healthcare professional with their concerns about this infection, it is becoming increasingly important to spread awareness regarding the topic.

Understanding The Importance Of Speaking Up!

It is very important to let your partner know that you have herpes if you decide to have sex. Knowing when to speak up is also important. Usually, it is essential to open up about herpes in two situations. One is if you plan on having sex.

Having sex with a person with herpes means that you are prone to the risk of contracting the infection. You should make sure that your partner understands the risk of the disease before having sex.

Understanding The Importance Of Speaking Up when you date having herpes

By opening up to your partner about your condition, you can make sure that the person does not feel cheated later. In such a case, the person you had sex with can even take legal action against you claiming that you cheated on the person while hiding the truth.

Another important reason why you should be open about your condition is that you will get to know if the person is right for you. The right person would never use your condition as a reason to reject you. It is not your physical health or condition that defines who you are.

A person who is not ready to accept you as you are would never be a good match. Life with them will become increasingly difficult with them and you will always have to live a life of insecurity.

How To Prevent Transmitting The Infection While Dating?

Though there is no proven way to prevent the transmission of herpes, there are a few steps that might help.

Always use a condom

Make sure that you are wearing a condom whenever you have sex with your partner. You should ensure that the condom is of good quality and that you are wearing it correctly.

Avoiding sexual and oral contact

While this might sound hard to do, you can rest assured, this only applies when you are having an episode. When you start showing symptoms or when the infections become evident, it is always safe to stay away from sex and physical intimacy.

Taking antiviral medication

This might or might not be helpful. But it is always recommended that you take an antiviral pill to reduce the risk of transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions About Herpes

1. Can a person with herpes have sex?

Yes. you can still have sex even with herpes on the condition that your partner knows about you having herpes. It is recommended to not have sex when you have an episode.

2. Should I tell my partner if I have herpes?

Yes. You should definitely tell your partner that you have herpes before having sex. You should make sure that they know that they are at risk of contracting the infection while having sex. This helps your partner make an informed choice.  

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