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Celery Benefits For Men: All You Need To Know!

A member of the Umbelliferae or parsley family, the name celery came to have originated from the French word ‘celeri’ and the Italian word ‘seleri’, and both these words derived from the Greek word ‘selinon’ which means parsley.

Celery has been around for a long time and has even been mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. From flavoring the soups to being that crunch factor in the salad, celery has been an all-rounder veggie. Okay, now let’s just examine the benefits celery has for men as it is known to have several health benefits.

How Does Celery Benefit Men?

Celery contains high levels of androstenone and androstenol. Androstenone acts as a pheromone and aids in arousal in women. It is believed that eating celery can make men more attractive to women which can improve the quality of their sex life.

Celery is also believed to have components that can protect against the substance that can cause damage to sperm count. Some believe that it is because this veggie comprises inhibitive factors that combat free radicals possible for sperm damage. In addition to that, Celery is also believed to increase the quantity of secretion of testosterone, a male sex hormone. 

Celery Benefits For Men

Selected human studies suggest that consuming antioxidants in high quantities will assist in improving sperm count and motility, which are the two important factors in male fertility.

Some people even believe that celery acts as an aphrodisiac. And various recent studies slightly lean towards the fact that it might be one. Celery might contain the steroid hormone androsterone which boosts the levels of 1-testosterone by urging the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

Celery is believed to control blood pressure by lowering it. Some studies suggest that it might be due to the presence of nitrates in it. These nitrates can lower blood pressure and improve heart health. High blood pressure in men has been repeatedly associated with erectile dysfunction. So consuming celery along with other wide varieties of fruit and veggies might help with erectile dysfunction too.

Celery is extremely rich in vitamin K quantities. A cup of these wonder veggies can provide around 30 percent of the Vitamin K requirement in men. Vitamin K is responsible for efficient blood clotting and healthy bones.

There are bacteria in our gut that produce Vitamin K, however, dietary sources might be required to meet the daily demand, which is approximately 120 mcg for men. Hence including celery in your daily diet is a great way to aid with the levels of Vitamin K, for promoting bone health and blood clotting.

It is cited in many articles that Celery oil in combination with Vitamin E, enhances sperm count and motility. Aldosterone and vitamin E reduces oxidation, which provides the best surroundings for the sperm to mature.

Some people even suggest that celery can aid with the reduction of cancer. It is said to contain 2 possible anti-cancer compounds-luteolin and apigenin which works for free radical destruction and aid with the death of cancer cells. Celery is also known to contain bioactive polyacetylenes compounds which are competent to prevent numerous cancer cell formations. It is regarded as beneficial for preventing pancreatic and breast cancer as per some studies.

Celery is also associated with reducing inflammation, supports digestion, and is rich in vitamins A, K, and C, and various minerals like potassium. On top of that, they are very low in glycemic index.

Celery is said to have an alkalizing effect on your body due to the presence of minerals like magnesium, sodium, and iron, this vegetable can have neutralizing effects on foods that are acidic.

Final Take

Although there are many articles and information about the wonders that this veggie does, there requires more precise and scientific research to claim the benefits celery is supposed to offer. But that does not deny the fact that this vegetable is amazing for the body. Celery is proven to be rich in antioxidants and vitamin K in addition to the large quantity of fiber one gets compared with the low calories it has. Hope you got a basic detail about celery and its benefits for men from this write-up.

So don’t forget to take your celery intake for the day, be it with a little bit of peanut butter to make your Ants on a log or in your green juice, or maybe in your favorite salad.

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