Interviews By Dr. Michael Krychman




SEX MeD Radio Show

A Different Kind of Safe Sex: Fragility Fractures and Effects on Intimacy and Sexuality – Risa Kagan, MD –
February 8th, 2016


Choosing Sexual Health Products and Accessories: How to Guide Patients – Barb Depree, MD –
February 5th, 2016


Low Libido in Women: Improving Recognition and Treatment – Leah Millheiser, Director of Female Sexual Medicine –
February 1st, 2016


Towards Gender Equality in Sexual Health: The Rise in Female Sexuality Awareness – Alyssa Dweck, MD –
January 15th, 2016


Sexuality During and After Pregnancy: Distinguishing Facts from Fiction – Hayward Brown, MD –
January 8th, 2016


Reconstructive Surgery for Pelvic Floor Disorders: Benefits vs Risks for Sexual Health – Cheryl Iglesia, Professor in the departments of OB/GYN and Urology –
January 4th, 2016


Obesity and Sexual Health: The Yo-Yo Effect of Weight Gain and Libido Loss – Dr. Maida Taylor, Clinical Professor of OB/GYN and Reproductive Sciences
December 25th, 2015


Deciphering Pelvic Floor Medical and Surgical Interventions – Holly Thacker, MD –
May 5th, 2015



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Interview with Maureen Whelihan, MD –
April 24th, 2015


Managing Sexual Complaints in Breast Cancer Patients –

Interview with Maureen Whelihan, MD
April 17th, 2015


Sexuality in Elder Women: Why Physicians Need to Ask About It –

Interview with Matt Birnholz, MD
April 10th, 2015