“The orientation and training you provided my husband and me was stellar. We felt relieved that finally not only a treatment was available but I was in the right hands and in the right place.”

Professional couple ages 42 and 47, married12 years with two children ages 10 and 7
– Manhattan, NY

“We believe that our mom’s attitude will greatly influence and affect her recovery from this cancer. We feel that removing the “dis”ease, which you have greatly helped to do during her first treatment, is an important first step in removing the disease from her body.”

Daughter, age 52 caring for her mother, age 73, who had ovarian cancer
– Los Angeles, CA

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me and my husband in my journey in survivorship. You helped both of us regain our sense of self and we are finally able to enjoy being intimate together. Thank you again for helping us recover from breast cancer.”

Female, age 63, married 45 years, mother of 2, grandmother of 5
-San Fransisco, CA

“After 6 years of searching, I am relieved and thankful to you, Dr Krychman for taking the time, patience and compassion to treat me in a complete way- you were the first to listen and I finally feel that my vulvar pain is being effectively managed.”

Single professional woman, age 25, one child age 3
– Newport Coast, CA

“Thank you for your TLC and quiet intimate setting- It made me feel comfortable discussing such a personal and private matter.”

Female attorney, age 42, married 18 years, 4 children
– Huntington Beach, CA