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Sexual Health

What is sexual medicine?

Sexual medicine is concerned with human sexuality and its disorders. Taking physical, psychological, social, individual and couple dimensions into account, sexual medicine attempts to improve sexual health through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. The impact of other medical conditions and/or their treatments on sexual function and physical intimacy are also included in this branch of medicine

How common are women’s sexual problems?

If you are a woman experiencing sexual symptoms, it’s important to realize that you are not alone. Nearly half of all post-pubertal women in the U.S., as well as the vast majority of peri- and post-menopausal women, experience sexual symptoms that reduce their desire for physical intimacy. This high prevalence is partially due to the hormone fluctuations that women undergo, but there are many other factors that can impact sexual health. Chronic illnesses such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression, and even the medications used to treat these conditions can interfere with sexual response. Ironically, even birth control pills may have a negative effect.


  • Loss of sexual desire – often due to hormonal changes, medical conditions and treatments, depression, stress, and fatigue.
  • Inability to become aroused – often due to insufficient vaginal lubrication, inadequate stimulation, and blood flow disorders.
  • Lack of orgasm – often due to insufficient stimulation, certain chronic illnesses, and medications.
  • Painful intercourse (dyspareunia) – due to inflammation (vaginitis), poor lubrication, presence of scar tissue, and endometriosis.
  • Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia, and chronic vulvar burning –often due to infections, allergic reactions or unknown causes.


  • Antidepressants
  • Antihistamines (Medications taken for allergies)
  • Antihypertensives (Medications taken for high-blood pressure)
  • Birth control pills


  • Confidential HIV testing
  • Confidential STD Screening
  • Herpes Evaluations
  • HPV/genital warts ( assessment and management plans)
  • Condom sensitivity and allergy
  • Difficulty with sexual arousal
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Low sex drive and other desire issues
  • Painful intercourse/dyspareunia
  • Persistent arousal
  • Vaginal atrophy/vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal spasms/Vaginismus
  • Vulvodynia/ vestibulodynia
  • Sexual Pain Syndromes
  • Hormonal induced sexual complaints
    • Estrogen deficiency
    • Low androgen levels
    • Menopause, peri & post menopausal problems
    • Prolactin abnormalities
    • Thyroid irregularities
  • Sexual changes related to medical illness
    • Breast Cancer
    • Cancer induced sexual problems
    • Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome
    • Cardiovascular disease/Hypertension
    • Hysterectomy
    • Ovary Removal
    • Infertility
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Depression and Anxiety
  • Psychological aspects of sexual complaints
    • Body image
    • Sexual addiction

Dr. Krychman’s approach
Dr. Krychman takes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to sexual medicine. Once he has identified the source(s) of your symptom(s), he will design an individualized care plan with your specific needs in mind. The sexual medicine and sexual counseling practice focuses on women’s sexual health, men’s sexual health, and couples programs.

What should I expect at my visit?
After meeting and sharing your concerns with Dr. Krychman, he will conduct a comprehensive evaluation including a health history, a medical and gynecologic examination, and a sexual functioning assessment. Because work, home life, and stresses can impact intimacy, the doctor will also ask questions about these aspects of your life. Dr. Krychman will then carefully review your case and discuss your treatment options. If applicable, Dr. Krychman also offers specially designed couple’s programs to address the effects on the partner and enhance understanding and intimate relations. All participants are encouraged to receive full evaluations.

What are some of the types of treatments?
Treatments are as varied as the range of sexual conditions. Dr. Krychman takes a holistic, individualized approach. Sometimes the solution is as simple as using a lubricant or changing your medication, or nutrition. Some conditions may require medical or surgical treatment, a series of couple counseling sessions, or a combination of therapeutic solutions. Dr Krychman has created an innovative new therapeutic approach which combines dilators and music therapy for sexual pain syndromes. Be assured that Dr. Krychman will thoroughly discuss your treatment options with you and answer all your questions.

Sexual Medicine Preceptorship

Offered to health care professionals who are interested in incorporating sexual medicine into their practices, this preceptorship is a one-on-one intensive class. Participants will have the opportunity to observe patient examinations and specialized procedures such as biothesiometry and vulvoscopy.

The preceptorship program is flexible and can accommodate individual needs and special requests. This preceptorship can be taken alone or in combination with the one day “The Business of Sexual Medicine” preceptorship.

Additional study on Menopausal Management and Management of Abnormal Pap Smears can also be arranged.

Duration: Flexible 1-10 day
Cost: Based upon number of days chosen