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The Balancing Act® –
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The Center is your resource for sexual medicine and counseling, survivorship medicine, gynecological services, and education. Our Executive Medical Director, Dr. Michael L Krychman, is a world renowned, sexual health specialist and expert in survivorship medicine. Through a multidisciplinary approach that is always confidential and caring, Dr. Krychman has helped hundreds of women and men experience better health and quality of life.

If you have questions or concerns about your sexual health, or are trying to adjust to life with chronic medical illness or cancer, you have come to the right place for solutions that are centered on enhancing your personal wellness. The Center is conveniently located in Orange County, California — just a few miles from John Wayne airport.




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Dr. Michael Krychman, Medical Director of Sexual Medicine at Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach maintains an active schedule in the media championing inovations in sexual health. View more appearances here.

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